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Rdio Streams Music To 11 New Nations, Tweaks iPhone App, Heats Streaming Scene Even More

Rdio has just expanded its streaming music system to Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, and Mexico, among other countries. The music-streaming company also made its free web offer (the initial six months before a paid monthly tariff kicks in) available in Brazil. Along with this new expansion, TheNextWeb notes that Rdio has updated its iOS app by adding slicker graphics and some of the social networking powers that its web-access service offers.

Rdio offers a slightly different model than peers like Spotify and Rhapsody, with limited streaming per month on an ad-free service that's a hook to get listeners to sign up for paid accounts. Streaming music is increasingly a hot topic at the moment, underscored by the fact that Facebook is adapting its news feed to more prominently promote music and even Apple rumored to be in talks with Beats about the upcoming streaming music system, Daisy.

Has streaming music changed how you listen to songs, or do you still prefer to download and "own" your music tracks?

[Image: Flickr user jtjdt]