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Angry Birds Cartoon To Be Broadcast Via Every Angry Birds App

Rovio reveals an unusual distribution system for its feathery, piggy cartoon series.

Rovio has an upcoming 52-episode cartoon series on the way, ready to hit select video-on-demand TV channels on March 16th, but on March 17th the episodes will also be broadcast via every Angry Birds app on smart devices.

This effectively gives the cartoon a distribution network of 1.7 billion "screens," which equates to the number of times (in total) the Angry Birds apps have been downloaded. The same day it hits the apps, the episode will be shown over Comcast's network in the U.S. Each episode in the series will follow the same model. They'll also be viewable via Samsung TVs, probably under the same deal that brought a gesture-controlled edition of the Angry Birds game to certain Samsung Smart TVs recently.

This innovation is claimed to be creating one of the biggest TV "networks" ever. Is it a transmission route you see other shows following in the future? Or will you never see an app as the same as a "show"?

[Image: Flickr user LGEPR]

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