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This Is Your Brain On Apps: New App Crowdsources Neuroscience Experiments

Smartphones let scientists peek beneath our skulls sans scalpels.

This Is Your Brain On Apps: New App Crowdsources Neuroscience Experiments

Just in time for Brain Awareness Week, scientists at Britain's UCL have begun a new effort to carry out neuroscience experiments on an "unprecedented scale," according to the press release. By leveraging the explosion of smartphone and table technology and the scientific-but-sexy vogue for crowdsourcing data, the team has released a free app called The Great Brain Experiment. The idea is to glean data on a potentially massive scale on the subject of memory, impulsivity, risk-awareness, and visualization.

The science team usually performs neuroimaging experiments using small groups of volunteers and high-tech equipment like functional MRI machines. The aim of the app is to sample a potentially broader population than their usual volunteer pool can manage.

Neuroscience isn't the unique preserve of scientists: Recent advances in research have shown how your brain can help filmmakers work out which of their movies will be a blockbuster, and the new technique of "neuromarketing" may help marketing companies work out how best to make brands "sticky" in your mind, as well as predict what you will buy.

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