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Google Close To Settling Street View Investigation

The tech giant could pay $7 million to settle the privacy claims, Bloomberg News is reporting.

Google Close To Settling Street View Investigation

As of Friday afternoon, Google is reportedly about to pay $7 million to settle claims that it improperly collected personal data for Street View, Bloomberg News reported. The case dates back to 2010 when then-Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (he's a Senator now) began an investigation over whether Google had improperly collected data transmitted over non-secured wireless networks. At the time, the investigation had 38 states, but the number has grown to over 40, The Verge reported.

The Federal Trade Commission ended a similar investigation into Google in 2010, with the company promising to heighten safeguards in its project. If Google settles this case for what is, in perspective for the tech giant, a relatively small amount, it will be the second major government investigation it has settled this year.

The latest agreement would most likely involve the money and changes to how info is collected. But so far no one's commenting on the record, so stay tuned ...

[Photo by Flickr user freefotouk]