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Tech Forecast

Want To Display Your Product Idea At Fenway? There's A Competition For That

The Daily Grommet wants to help a lucky entrepreneur get their product into the marketplace.

Attention entrepreneurs with a great idea: Online marketplace Daily Grommet is sponsoring a competition that will culminate at Fenway Park to pick a new product concept to bring to market. The applications are due today (so hurry!) and finalists will compete at Fenway Park on March 19th to showcase their product using a series of Google apps.

The winners will have their product launched in the Daily Grommet marketplace and get advice from Daily Grommet consultants. Their product will also get some built-in marketing: It will be chronicled on

"We are so excited to be hosting this event and lending our experience and connections to promising new companies who have what it takes to become a Grommet. Having a great idea is a very small piece of the puzzle. It’s a long journey and we can’t wait to help them move their product from concept all the way to market," said Jules Pieri, CEO of Daily Grommet.

[Photo by Flickr user kumsval]