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South Dakota Passes First Law To Allow Teachers To Carry Guns On School Property

The law comes as more than a dozen of other states are working on the same type of bill after the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.

A day after the first national gun-control bill related to the Newtown shooting passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee, the governor in South Dakota signed into law a bill that will allow teachers in that state to carry guns in school. The bill, according to the Rapid City Journal, will allow school boards to allow armed personnel into school buildings.

But as NBC News reported, 18 states allow adults to carry firearms on school grounds through clauses in education laws. And as the New York Times pointed out, more than a dozen states have proposed similar bills since the Sandy Hook shooting.

Opponents of the bill, according to local newspapers, argued that guns in schools made them more dangerous. Advocates argued that in rural areas first responders were often a long way away.

[Image: Flickr user jimmywayne]

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