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10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Apple Prank Call, Happiest States, And More

Working from home is hell, and playing at work should be a requirement. These stories and more in this week’s top 10.

1. Because Of Steve Jobs’s First Public iPhone Call, Starbucks Still Gets Orders For 4,000 Lattes
Fast Company
Meet the most famous prank call victim (still plagued by Apple fanboys today). Time to move on fellas…

2. The 10 Happiest States In The U.S.
People in New York City aren’t the happiest in the country?

3. Using The New Sim City, 6 Urban Planners Battle For Bragging Rights
It turns out building the perfect city is easier said than done.

4. Beauty Among The Ruins: See Some Of The World’s Most Beautiful Abandoned Places
Wouldn’t it be great if everything we neglected looked this great?

5. Get Ready For Apple’s Cheap iPhones, Colorful iPhones, And iPhone 5S Due In July
Fast Company
If the rumors are true, Apple has lost its way. Cheap, plastic, colorful devices do not seem consistent with the brand or expectations.

6. The Truth Behind “Secret” Innovation At Nike, Apple, Google X
Fast Company
Austin Carr takes you inside the secret innovation labs of the Most Innovative Companies.

7. Why Working From Home Is The Worst Of Both Worlds
Fast Company
The insanity of working from home.

8. 5 Lessons In UI Design, From A Breakthrough Museum
The Cleveland Museum of Art is innovating the way we interact with art and technology–looks like a lot of fun too.

9. How Serious Play Leads To Breakthrough Innovation
Stimulating play may be just what your company needs.

10. Interview Tips For When Someone Asks, “What Questions Do You Have For Us?”
Fast Company
Flip the script in your interview with these nifty questions.

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