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Tablets Beat Smartphones In Web Traffic For First Time

Is it time to start thinking about the post-smartphone era, already?

Tablets Beat Smartphones In Web Traffic For First Time

Adobe's been busy tracking over 1,000 websites around the world for nearly six years, and has monitored some 100 billion visits by Netizens to these properties to create its Digital Index publication, and the latest edition has a surprise in it: For the first time web traffic from tablets has topped traffic from smartphones, with 8% of all global traffic versus 7% for phones. It's a significant figure because smartphones outnumber tablets.

While smartphone web use is still rising, meaning it's a little early yet to be talking about the post-smartphone era, its doing so at a much more leisurely rate than the explosive growth in tablet use. This data is especially surprising given that the iPad began the modern tablet era only in early 2010. Adobe's data gives a hint of a reason for this too: Net users spend time see some 70% more pages per visit on a tablet versus a smartphone, no doubt because the larger screen makes reading a more pleasurable experience. Interestingly the rate of tablet traffic growth in the U.K. is far higher than other nations. The U.K.'s BBC TV network recently reported record breaking figures for its web-based TV services.

[Image: Flickr user ivyfield]