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Yahoo Considering "Significant Acquisitions." If You Were Marissa Mayer, What Would You Buy?

Would you go for something in the social media sphere, boost your mobile performance, or spring for something less showy and more back end-y? (Back end-y are totally real words, btw!)

Yahoo Considering "Significant Acquisitions." If You Were Marissa Mayer, What Would You Buy?

Yahoo, never far from the news at the moment, is now making it for a whole new reason. According to a story on AllThingsD, staffers were recently told, in one of its recent FYI Friday employee meetings, that the firm was working on some purchases, namely, six small companies, and two "significant" ones.

Not much detail is known about this, save for the half-dozen small deals, which are "acqhires"—when you buy up a firm for the talent rather than the product—but it's the large deals that are intriguing. Kara Swisher points to Pinterest, Tumblr and Foursquare on the social media front, while naming a few more less glamorous, more back end-y firms that might improve Yahoo's advertising revenue or mobile performance. But those first ones are, as Swisher points out, billion-dollar buys.

While most eyes are always trained on recipients of the big four's M&A checkbooks—that's Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, should you need reminding—Yahoo's recent performance has made it less of a loser in the eyes of startup folk.

So, let's open up the floor to our readers—what should Yahoo buy? Should they buy their way into the social media arena, or, as Marissa Mayer, no stranger to a large pile of cash herself, said, should the next step be "mobile, mobile, mobile"? What would Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey think about his mobile device add-on becoming property of Yahoo? Or, as our own Kit Eaton says, should Yahoo be broken up into separate divisions, such as Mail and News, renamed, and left to their own devices to see which come up with innovative new products, and which sink in a morass of home-working, fridge-opening, daytime-TV channel-surfing apathy?

[Image of Yahoo's Pirate Party by Flickr user pablo.sanchez]