After Tolls, Who Gets Stuck With the Bill?

After Tolls, Who Gets Stuck With the Bill?

Nationwide, toll plazas are being replaced by FasTrak-style services or a camera that notes your license plate and mails you a bill. Case study: San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

$19 million

How much San Francisco will save in salaries and benefits to toll takers over eight years


Number of cars that paid the bridge’s toll last fiscal year


Percentage of those cars that paid cash, rather than FasTrak


Non-FasTrak cars that will now be mailed a bill, rather than stopping to pay in cash (assuming FasTrak usage remains the same)


Max annual salary of the former Golden Gate toll takers


Rough salary of the San Francisco mail carriers who will now be doing the toll takers’ job


[Illustration by Luke Bott]