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Where Are They Now?

See The New Facebook News Feed

The social media company made its News Feed more picture-friendly and more personalized for users.

  • <p>A unified mobile experience.</p>
  • <p>More mobile inspiration.</p>
  • <p>Choose your feed: friends, close friends, photos, music, and more.</p>
  • <p>Check-ins</p>
  • <p>Popular stories from news organizations a user follows</p>
  • <p>Tablet and mobile site updates</p>
  • <p>How Likes will look on a News Feed.</p>
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    A unified mobile experience.

  • 04 /10

    More mobile inspiration.

  • 05 /10

    Choose your feed: friends, close friends, photos, music, and more.

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  • 07 /10

    Popular stories from news organizations a user follows

  • 08 /10

    Tablet and mobile site updates

  • 09 /10
  • 10 /10

    How Likes will look on a News Feed.

As has been much-buzzed about for nearly a week now, Facebook announced today the first major changes to its News Feed since 2006. Saying that their goal was to make the best personalized newspaper users can get, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook's product design manager Julie Zhou introduced a more picture-heavy News Feed. According to Zuckerberg, since 2011 50% of content in the average News Feed has been pictures, so the company wanted to evolve to reflect that.

Click through the slide show above too see some of the new looks of the News Feed from check-ins to photo albums to articles (the before and after photo of the News Feed is above). Depending on things you've liked on Facebook in the past, you'll see most-read articles about that subject (i.e. Taylor Swift or the Giants). Users can also switch between different feeds—feeds with all news from their friends, companies they follow, and interests.

Facebook also improved its mobile site (a picture of that is in the slide show above as well). The phone and tablet updates will be available in the next few weeks and on the web starting today.

What do you think of the new News Feed? Tell us below.

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