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Boy Scouts Can Now Earn Merit Badges By Building Smartphone Games

It's like lighting a fire—with code.

Boy Scouts in America can now earn a new merit badge for game design. The BSA has reportedly spent several years working with the gaming industry to come up with a suitable program for Scouts to follow. The program itself also includes physical games such as card and board games, and instead of having to actually code an app the Scouts will have to demonstrate their game savvy by filling in a notebook and analyzing existing games.

The BSA has been keeping its merit awards abreast of current tech, and in 2010 introduced a badge for "innovation." But it's also been in the news recently for adopting a less-than-21st century stance on gay marriage.

Do you think this is a good idea? Or should Scouts spend more time hiking in coon-skin caps?

[Image: Flickr users reconstructionist, dmuth]