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After Six Months On The Job At Yahoo, Marissa Mayer Earns $1.12 Million Bonus

See what happens if you go into the office? Kidding, home-workers!

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, has recently received a bonus of $1.12 million after just six months at Yahoo.

The million dollars is part of the pay package she's earning for moving from her senior executive role at Google, and is part of the annual $2 million bonus she can get in addition to her salary of $1 million. It's awarded if Yahoo meets board-approved goals. Mayer recently stirred up a huge amount of controversy by banning working from home for all Yahoos, in an apparent attempt to root out slack workers and reinvigorate team spirit.

While Yahoo's board certainly thinks Mayer has earned the cash, do you think that the ailing Yahoo has really been changed that much in just half a year?

[Image: Flickr user mmarchin]