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Why Can't The Persistent Hacking Of Yahoo Mail Be Stopped?

A pesky security hole is proving practically impossible to fix.

Why Can't The Persistent Hacking Of Yahoo Mail Be Stopped?

Users of Yahoo Mail are suffering from persistent hacking attempts, says The Next Web. The Internet firm, the third largest provider of email, behind Microsoft and Google, has plugged two security holes already, but has not managed to fix the problem.

While some holders of compromised accounts say that they clicked on an infected link—a fake MSNBC page, apparently—many claim that the first they knew of being hacked was when people in their contacts lists said they had received dodgy emails from them. One user, whose organization appears to have used Yahoo Mail, said that the hack—so evidently a scam—left the account in question unable to send emails or even change the password. For $100, they later discovered, the scammers would return their account to normal.

Marissa Mayer, who has been, um, much discussed since her decision to axe working from home (which is now seen as a necessary step to improve the company), announced an eventual Yahoo Mail revamping in January, during the firm's Q4 earnings call.

But a statement from the firm regarding the security breach did not say anything new. They had fixed the flaws that had been previously reported, and continued to "aggressively investigate reports of any email accounts exhibiting anomalous behavior," before reiterating that users should choose unique, alphanumeric passwords which they change regularly.