Nokia Joins Apple In Billion-Dollar Court Case Vs. Samsung

Apple gains an unlikely ally battling perceived IP theft.

Nokia Joins Apple In Billion-Dollar Court Case Vs. Samsung

The AppleSamsung patent case was never going to conclude swiftly because it was so complex and the stakes were so high, and Judge Lucy Koh’s recent ruling to slash around $400 million from the original billion-dollar fine imposed on Samsung simply proved this point. But now Apple has a new friend to help it through the appeals process, and any ongoing court cases: Nokia has filed an amicus curiae brief that’s actually in support of Apple’s position.

Nokia argues that the kind of patents that Samsung was found to have violated are vital for supporting the development of innovative products. It also suggests that Koh’s demand that Apple prove a “causal nexus” before the court could approve any product-banning injunction could set a dangerous precedent.

Nokia is the biggest of the old-guard of cell phone makers to suffer when Apple changed the smartphone world with its iPhone in 2007. It has been struggling to regain relevance ever since, with devices like its Lumia Windows Phones and its camera-centric innovations like PureView.

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