Burrito Lovers Rejoice: Chipotle Has Updated Its App

No, there is no option for the quesarito on the updated version either.

Burrito Lovers Rejoice: Chipotle Has Updated Its App

Some good news for Chipotle enthusiasts (i.e. most of the Fast Company staff): As enthusiastically reported by Gizmodo’s Sam Biddle, the chain suddenly updated its mobile app for the first time since 2009.

Among the new features: an easier ordering system, cleaner layout and updated nutritional information. Whether it’s the enthusiastic customer base behind the brand or the sincere surprise that Chipotle updated the app, it seemed to garner a much larger amount of attention than a normal corporate app update.

There is, however, no option to order off the secret menu (read about Mark Wilson’s adventurous search for the quesarito here.)

Chipotle eaters on Twitter were, of course, thrilled.

[Photo by Flickr user giggle box1091]


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