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Where Are They Now?

Twitter Changes Search Function On Mobile Apps

Looking for a tweet from four years ago? It's a little easier now.

Twitter Changes Search Function On Mobile Apps

Twitter is making it easier to find old tweets on its mobile apps, the company announced Wednesday. According to its official blog (and our own quick user experience), if a user searches something that brings back an older tweet in the top tweet spot, they will be able to click to find other tweets from the same time.

For example, searching "Barack Obama re-elected" brought us a tweet from election night from Rolling Stone, but by clicking we were able to search tweets from other people that day as well.

The company also updated the website link function, by putting a link back to the tweet where the user found the outside story on the bottom of the browser. And, according to the blog, they're updating the autocomplete function.

The changes come only weeks after Twitter made it easier to find old tweets through its search.

[Photo by Flickr user laughing squid]