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Tech Forecast

Smallest Mobile Phone Ever Unveiled

Willcom's new Phone Strap 2 is 1.25 inches wide and has two hours of battery life.

Smallest Mobile Phone Ever Unveiled

Japanese firm Willcom has unveiled the world's smallest smartphone—a 1.25" x 2.75" miniphone with a battery that supports two hours of talk time. According to Yannick LeJacq of the International Business Times, the phone has minimal features. The product, called the Phone Strap 2, has a one-inch LCD screen with 96 x 96 pixel resolution, and a basic email feature—the phone does not include a camera, any apps, or much storage.

Willcom opted not to unveil the phone at last week's Mobile World Congress, a massive CES-like extravaganza for all things smartphone and mobile in Barcelona where the biggest long-term announcement was cheap, long-lasting, durable mobile phones for the global south. Unlike Willcom's novelty phone, those will have much more long-term impact.

[Image: Willcom]