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Gen. Petraeus Linked To Secret Iraq Torture Centers: Report

A new story in The Guardian claims Gen. David Petraeus had knowledge of secret Iraqi detainment and torture centers.

Gen. Petraeus Linked To Secret Iraq Torture Centers: Report

Former CIA director David Petraeus has a new headache: The Guardian just revealed that he was aware of secret torture and detainment centers while overseeing coalition forces in Iraq. According to an investigation conducted by the newspaper, Petraeus directly supervised a special advisor, Col. James H. Coffman, who oversaw operations at the detention centers.

"Every single detention centre would have its own interrogation committee […] Each one was made up of an intelligence officer and eight interrogators. This committee will use all means of torture to make the detainee confess like using electricity or hanging him upside down, pulling out their nails, and beating them on sensitive parts," Iraqi General Muntadher al-Samari told The Guardian.

[Image: Flickr user Hectorir]