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Italian Bank Unveils Palm-Reading Pay System

Customers at an Italian makeup chain are testing a new POS solution that uses biometric palm scans instead of credit- or debit-card swipes.

Italian Bank Unveils Palm-Reading Pay System

Italian bank UniCredit formally unveiled a new palm reader-based commercial payments system this week. The palm reading POS system, called Papillon, was displayed to the public at the CeBit 2013 conference and is based on Fujitsu's PalmSecure technology. UniCredit has been testing Papillon since December 2012 in branches of the Italian Kiko makeup chain.

Papillon replaces conventional credit/debit card readers at the point of sale; instead of swiping a card, customers place their palm on a biometric reader for several seconds. UniCredit is also marketing the product as a mobile payment solution for non-brick and mortar retailers. Brazil's Banco Bradesco unveiled biometric ATMs last year as well.

[Image: Fujitsu]