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Rumors Say Beats In Talks With Apple Over Streaming Music

But don't (necessarily) believe the hype.

Rumors Say Beats In Talks With Apple Over Streaming Music

According to Reuters, Apple has been in discussions with Beats Electronics. Sources with knowledge of the event told Reuters that Tim Cook and Eddy Cue met with Jimmy Iovine, Beats' CEO, in late February to talk about the already-teased Project Daisy, which is Beats' attempt to launch a music streaming system.

Cook and Cue, who heads up Apple's Internet products division, were interested in Daisy's business model and its launch plans. But the overall intention of the meeting was just to chat, and it's said no deals were struck. Apple has already, and very traditionally, declined to comment, but it has long been alleged that the company wants to expand its iTunes music business into a streaming model, and iTunes Match and iTunes in the cloud are part of this effort.

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs famously held many such chatty meetings over the years. Apple itself has been experimenting with partnering with other firms, and is expanding its association with Ferrari—with the new FF car having close integration with Siri and other Apple products.

Meanwhile Apple rival Facebook is about to revamp its news feed to place bigger emphasis on social media streaming, and Google is separately said to have a music streaming system on the way, possibly involving YouTube.

While its extremely plausible that Apple did indeed meet with Beats, do you really believe Apple and Beats will pursue a joint product? After all, Daisy would be on a direct collision course with the iTunes digital music juggernaut.

[Image: Flickr user jimmyg]