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Ikea Style Meets Marriott To Create Moxy Hotels

An affiliate of the Swedish furniture company and Marriott International will create stylish, low-cost European hotels in the Ikea mould.

Ikea Style Meets Marriott To Create Moxy Hotels

An Ikea affiliate has teamed up with Marriott International to develop a chain of hotels in the same affordable, compact, and stylish vein as the furniture store, The Wall Street Journal reports. Marriott has collaborated with a subsidiary of Inter Ikea Group, the parent company of Ikea furniture, to create a new brand of hotels called Moxy.

The first Moxy Hotel is expected to open in Milan in 2014, and Marriott hopes to franchise 150 Moxy Hotels across Europe over the next 10 years. Moxy Hotels are slated for Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway and, of course, Sweden.

The hotels won't use Ikea furniture, but will be created using Ikea constructions techniques to keep costs low and lure younger, more budget-conscious travelers.

[Image: Flickr user Aeternitas]