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Apple And Ferrari Have Plans To Expand In-Car Entertainment Deal

The luxury car maker and the tech giant will reveal details of their expanded deal soon, says Ferrari chairman.

While unveiling a 1 million euro hybrid model today, Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo revealed the company is in talks with Apple about broadening their in-car entertainment, Bloomberg News reported. Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, Di Montezemolo said the company will be "more precise" about its collaboration with Apple in the coming months.

Apple executive Eddy Cue joined Ferrari's board of directors last November, saying in a press release at the time, "I have personally dreamed of owning a Ferrari since I was 8 years old and have been lucky to be an owner for the past 5 years."

The hybrid "LaFerrari," of which only 499 will be made, is a beast of a car that can do 62 mph under 3 seconds. Ferrari, according to Bloomberg's report, also announced today that its new four-seater model will include mini-iPads on the back passenger seats.

[Image courtesy of flickr user Axion23]