Gannett, Airbnb, Pixable Weigh In On The Value Of Visual

Gannett, Airbnb, Pixable Weigh In On The Value Of Visual

How did you approach the redesign of the USA Today site?
“One of our guiding principles was to make the site more fluid, almost app-like. We wanted to make it enjoyable to skim the content, look at big pictures, and then decide if you want to dive into a story. Already the site is attracting a younger audience.”
David Payne, chief digital officer, Gannett

Why has Airbnb invested in professional photography?
“Quality breeds trust. When you’re introduced to a new place, you look for signs that the information comes from a reliable source. Our listings with professional photographs earn more than twice as much money as those without them.”
Venetia Pristavec, creative lead,

“In January, Facebook announced that it has 240 billion photos total. With Instagram, there are 40 million photos uploaded every day. Photos are becoming the default of communication.”
Loren Appin, director of growth, Pixable, an application that personalizes the photo-sharing experience

[Illustrations by Brett Affrunti]