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Packing Your Bags? Moveline expanding across the country

The TechStars NYC startup is expanding its business to 11 different cities across the United States.

Packing Your Bags? Moveline expanding across the country

A recent TechStars NYC startup that helps people who are moving compare prices is about to expand across the country. Beginning Wednesday, Moveline, which operates like the travel site Kayak for those going through the always arduous process of relocating, will start serving all long distance moves in the U.S., from any city to any other city. It will also start offering local moves in 11 new cities including San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, Portland, Phoenix and Denver.

The company, which was founded by Fred Cook and Kelly Eidson and uses technology to bring transparency to the moving business, will also start offering moving insurance and high-end items handling for precious possessions like grandfather clocks and chandeliers. Moveline was accepted into TechStars in 2012.

[Photo by flickr user Zane Selvans]