Galaxy S IV Rumors: Bigger, Better, Eye-Based Scrolling

Samsung’s next smartphone spurs lots of rumors, but do you believe the hype?

Galaxy S IV Rumors: Bigger, Better, Eye-Based Scrolling

We know Samsung is set to reveal its Galaxy S4 smartphone on March 14th, and that the company has been desperately trying to spin up the same sort of pre-release hype about the device that Apple usually benefits from–including a rather strange promotion campaign involving a young “secret messenger” called Jeremy. Now a source that has been accurate with Samsung rumors in the past has leaked some specs of the device.

According to Evleaks, via some tweets that have swiftly been deleted, the S4 will have a super AMOLED screen that’s full HD, storage between 16GB and 64GB, 2GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel rear camera, and will run Android 4.2. So far, so what–this is roughly what we may have expected. But a render of the device compared to previous members of the same family suggests that the screen may actually be bigger even than the S3, which at 4.8 inches was itself bigger than the S2’s 4.3 inch display.

Separately, there’s some chatter online, thanks to the New York Times, that the device will use a novel sort of user interface: A sensor which watches the user’s eye movements, so that the phone can automatically scroll content on the screen to match where the user is looking. According to TheNextWeb, the tech may be coming from Israeli start-up Tobii, which has already demonstrated this sort of system.

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