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The Kernel, European Tech Publication, Shuts Down After Tempestuous Short Life

The online magazine, founded and edited by Milo Yiannopoulos, looked to be in financial difficulties, amid reports of unpaid contributors and very public spats with other tech writers.

The Kernel, an online tech and start-up publication—the European equivalent of PandoDaily, if you like—is shutting down. It was the creation of abrasive tech commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, who published a post earlier today, calling The Kernel "a bold experiment," while taking the blame for its failure. "I regret bitterly the things The Kernel will not now do," he concluded.

The website will put up several pre-prepared stories over the next few weeks, but that will be about it. Yiannopoulos is well known in the European and tech world and is a polarizing figure. No stranger to Twitter spats, he has clashed with Stephen Fry, no slouch himself in the tech world and blogger Zoe Margolis.

Last month, the High Court in London issued an order for over £16,000 ($24,250) for non payment of wages to the site's previous editor, Jason Hesse, who left in May 2012. Two other contributors say they are still owed four-figure sums.

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