Budweiser: We’re Not Watered Down

The brewery fired back at critics and a class action lawsuit with this ad and a few Twitter posts. But will it be enough?

Budweiser: We’re Not Watered Down

Could this ad be enough to allay the fears of Budweiser fans about their beer in the wake of a potentially embarrassing lawsuit? The beer brand released the ads in newspapers across the country and on Twitter in response to news of a lawsuit that the beer is watered down. As reported by the CNBC, the class action suit claims that former employees of the brewery say that Budweiser cut its alcohol percentage from 8% to 3%.

The news comes only days after an uproar among bourbon drinkers erupted when Makers Mark said it was going to water down its product. After the outcry, the company quickly reversed its plan.

Marketing experts, tell us in the comments: Is this effective damage control?


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