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Michelle Obama's First Google+ Hangout Is Happening Now

Join the First Lady to discuss child health initiatives.

Michelle Obama's First Google+ Hangout Is Happening Now

To kick off her national tour to promote her "Let's Move" anti-child-obesity initiative, Michelle Obama has joined her first ever Google+ hangout, where the public can engage with the First Lady of the U.S.A.

The hangout, coming from the Blue Room of the White House, is being moderated by Kelly Ripa and is underway right now, as you can see below.

President Obama has himself taken part in several social media initiatives like this, including holding a Google+ hangout, in a bid to improve the sense of accessibility of U.S. citizens to the administration. His election campaigns were also notably driven by social media. Google+ itself is being used by an increasingly broad number of high-profile sources like this, and last week saw a hangout being carried out between attendees on the ground and astronauts orbiting in the International Space Station.

[Image via Flickr user: Barack Obama]