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Seeking New Employees, Foxconn Goes Deeper Into China

The Chinese Apple manufacturer is finding it hard to find enough staff.

Seeking New Employees, Foxconn Goes Deeper Into China

New reports suggest that Foxconn, the Chinese tech manufacturer that's perhaps the most famous member of Apple's Eastern supply chain, is having a tough time finding enough workers for its many plants. Now Foxconn is opening plants deeper in China in an effort to find more staff. Despite the widely publicized plan to implement a million robots on its production line, it now seems that Foxconn's expansion plans are placing it in a tricky recruitment position. The company has doubled its workforce over the last two years to over 1.2 million souls, and has been said to be planning expansion into the U.S., and recently revealed it has big plans to expand into Taiwan.

Recently a report that Foxconn had temporarily frozen hiring, allegedly due to weak iPhone sales, hit Apple's share price. Since then it's been argued that Foxconn, a firm that has a very dynamic recruitment cycle, was merely reacting to a glut of employees returning to work after the Chinese New Year.

[Image: Flickr user mattsches]