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Microsoft To Become Film Distributor Via Xbox 360 Live

Pulp, an independent British movie, will make its debut through the gaming console.

Microsoft To Become Film Distributor Via Xbox 360 Live

A small indie British film will be the first to be released solely through a gaming console. Pulp, a crime caper about the comic book industry, will be available exclusively to users of Xbox 360 from today—and, says Microsoft, using its gaming system as an exclusive film distribution pipe will not be a one-off.

Pulp's creator, Adam Hamdy, blames the cost of marketing a movie—around $3 million, by his estimate—as prohibitively expensive. "For a film like Pulp, that doesn't have any bankable stars with a track record, it's a challenge for any distributor to take that gamble."

Pav Bhardwaj, product manager for Xbox Live, explained Microsoft's involvement in the project. "It's a great fit. The film is really well aligned with our audience. All our audience like that sort and types of film and it's great to support British talent."

Finding more and more inventive—and exclusive—ways of distribution is a win-win situation for both parties. Just look at Netflix's recent success with House of Cards. And Microsoft knows just how important a consumer's living room is to it, so much so that it is focusing hard on entertainment and content.

You can see the trailer below—but be warned, it's very sweary indeed.