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New England Patriots Have 500,000 More Twitter Followers Than Arizona Cardinals

The Jets and Cowboys come in at two and three in Twitter followers.

It's more than just wins and losses that separate NFL teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars from teams like the New England Patriots. A survey by the Wall Street Journal found that the differential between the NFL team with the most Twitter followers—the New England Patriots—and the least followers—the Arizona Cardinals—is more than 500,000. The Pats top the list with 556,859 followers, followed by the New York Jets with 556,329 and Cowboys.

On the losing side of social media is the Cardinals at 44,245, Jacksonville Jaguars with 69,001 and the St. Louis Rams with 100,225. So what's that mean for the fan base? It could just be demographics, or the fact that St. Louis and Jacksonville are smaller cities than New York. But it could be a problem for the team's engagement with fans: After all, what better way to reach your base than if they read the news spun by the team on Twitter? Click here for the whole list.

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[Photo by Flickr user Keith Allison]