Welcome to Co.Labs: We’re Building Software About Software

This site is a workshop where everyone in the coding community can learn, share, collaborate, and build.

Welcome to Co.Labs: We’re Building Software About Software


It’s really complex to make something simple. [Jack Dorsey]

Today’s disruptors work out of development shops and incubators, where they find themselves at the helm of a movement that evolves so rapidly it terrifies other industries and outpaces traditional news. Soon every company’s principals will need an intuitive feel for the web to scale their business, no matter what that business is.

Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming. [Marc Andreessen]

Co.Labs tells the stories of the people pushing the limits of software across industries. We are starting conversations with men and women all over the world who are inventing the next user interface, debugging all night for the next release, forking code to roll their own, and parsing data to figure their product’s next move. This site is software about software, meant to inspire designers and developers to build things that makes life better. It’s about teaching yourself to solve problems and iterate, whether you’re finding guidance at meetups or sinking a weekend into an online course.

Software needs to have a “voice”. [Fred Wilson]

These are stories for everyone: not just digital inventors but also their collaborators, their managers, their friends. We peel back the interaction design to find the mechanisms that make it possible, and try to make sense of how it extends our behavior in new and unpredictable ways. This is a space for anyone who’s ever wanted to see the code behind everything; to meet the genius behind the app; to discover new experiments and surprise each other with data-driven insights. It’s where we can start creating the tools that improve the world–by asking people from all corners of the industry about how small ideas become big business.

People are willing to trade money for something that they can touch, not ones and zeros. [John Gruber]

What underlies Co.Labs is a simple hypothesis: that the most intuitive, user-friendly and robustly built tools are the product of discussion and designed code. This site is a workshop where anyone can learn, share, collaborate, and build it.

We’ll be at SXSW this week to celebrate–and to launch the Co.Labs & Target Retail Accelerator, where an app you build can get seeded or acquired by Target before summer’s over. Enter the contest or show us what else you’re inventing in a tweet @fastcolabs. Follow along by subscribing to our newsletter, or help us ring in the after-party on Twitter with a cheers. Thanks for reading.




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