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Boston Dynamics Robot BigDog Now Has New Tricks

The Pentagon-funded robot can now lift large loads, according to a newly released video.

Boston Dynamics Robot BigDog Now Has New Tricks

A robot funded by the Pentagon and created by Boston Dynamics is now strong enough to throw cement blocks, a video published on Thursday shows. The robot, named BigDog, has been in development since 2005 but has just now been given strong enough limbs that would make it helpful to troops in rugged terrain who need help carrying heavy loads, the company said.

The BBC reported that experts also hopes the robot, which is about the size of a mule can be helpful in search-and-rescue missions as well. "(Imagine) setting off these units across a rough terrain if they were looking for a lost child or a walker on a mountainside," Chris Melhuish, director of Bristol Robotics Laboratory, told the BBC.

BigDog is just the latest expensive robot used and funded by the Pentagon. What do you think it's potential is? Tell us in the comments section.