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This 5-Year-Old Kid Just Spent Over $2,500 In 5-Minute iPad App Buying Spree

Wherein tiny digits cost a U.K. family big, big bucks.

This 5-Year-Old Kid Just Spent Over $2,500 In 5-Minute iPad App Buying Spree

A 5-year-old child in the U.K. astonished and dismayed his parents after running up a bill of £1,710.43 (more than $2,500) in just five minutes by making a sequence of expensive in-app purchases in an otherwise free iPad game. He was playing Zombie versus Ninja, with permission, and the Telegraph reports he quickly bought multiple add-ons like "333 keys" for £70 ($105) a pop. The family only found out about it the next day when iTunes receipts were emailed and the credit card company rang to ask about the transactions.

Apple has agreed to refund the family for the mistake, but notes that in this situation the spending spree was triggered by the family itself: They voluntarily entered the passcode that's designed to stop this sort of spending the moment before they handed the iPad to their son. Apple recently settled a lawsuit in the U.S. that suggested the company should prevent such kid-related spending sprees. Apple has already released upgraded software for iPads and iPhones with parental passcode locks and has a separate software suite that can manage and lock down iDevices entirely.

Do you sympathize with this family...or do you think they should've been more in control? Has your child cost you money accidentally on an iDevice or an Android one?

[Image: Flickr user cristiano_betta]