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Where Are They Now?

Rap Genius Dissects Fired Groupon CEO Andrew Mason's Farewell Memo

"Seems like Andrew has too much swag for a public company. They need to find more of a 'boring loser' type," and other notes on Mason's farewell memo.

You know a CEO has gone out in style when his farewell memo makes it onto Rap Genius, the Internet's de facto source for rap-lyric analysis and a growing source for annotations of everything from the Mayflower Compact to murderous ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner's manifesto.

Now it's where you'll find the documents associated with breaking news in the business world, too, apparently—namely newly ousted Groupon CEO Andrew Mason's farewell memo to his staff, complete with annotations.

Among the highlights: An intricate breakdown of Mason's reference to the videogame Battletoads ("Dying on the Terra Tubes, which are designed to make you die over and over, is no shameful thing") and one of many suggestions Mason received for "fat camps" he should explore to get rid of his self-proclaimed "Groupon 40."

For more, read our exclusive last interview with Mason as Groupon CEO.

[Images: Flickr user The DEMO Conference]
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