Undercover Ghanaian Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas Reveals Next Investigation

From behind a disguise of red and white strings, Ghanaian undercover journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas told TED’s audience on Thursday, “I cannot show you my face, because if I do, the bad guys will come at me.”

For 14 years, Anas has worked to, “name, shame, and jail,” evildoers, finding hard evidence to put them behind bars.

“We on the continent are able to tell the story better,” Anas said. “We face and see the conditions…we know what is affecting the continent.”

In his career, Anas has posed as many things, from a psychiatric patient, to a pimp; He has uncovered corruption in Bangkok prisons, busted crimes committed against albino children in Tanzania and tonight announced the latest story he captured while undercover.

He showed the audience disturbing footage of his time spent as an inmate in a prison. Images included a room piled with dead bodies, unsanitary conditions with multiple inmates crowding around open latrines, and rampant drug use.

“I followed one of the inmates, one of my friends, from his sick bed til death,” Anas said.

The rough cut was put together for TED, and Anas said the full story will be ready to break in-full in about a month and a half.LK