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Google Updates iOS App, Making Send To TV Available On iPhone, iPad

iPad and iPhone users can now join the Android users party, send videos to their televisions.

Good news for Apple mobile device users: The very convenient YouTube "Send To TV" feature is now available on iOS apps thanks to an update available starting today. That means iPhone and iPad users can play and control video from their mobile devices to Google-enabled televisions.

The feature was previously only available on Android phones and also works with the PS3 and Xbox. The update, Mashable reported, also improved streaming in slow Wi-Fi spots and makes it easier to upload video via YouTube Capture.

With Send To TV, anyone on the same Wi-Fi network can send a video to a Google-enabled TV and control the video or add to the playlist. As YouTube points out in its very helpful how-to spot on how to use the feature, "your phone is now your remote."

Fast Company's Austin Carr spoke to Google product VP Mario Queiroz about the feature when it debuted on Android last year. Read that article here.

[Photo by Flickr user USB]

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