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Poor Nook Sales Sink Barnes & Noble's Revenues

The e-book is still central to B&N's strategy, but it's not selling.

Poor Nook Sales Sink Barnes & Noble's Revenues

Barnes & Noble revealed disappointing third quarter finances this morning, including a serious decline in revenues from its Nook digital e-readers. Overall revenues were $2.2 billion, down 8.8% year on year, and its earnings were just $55 million, down 63$ on 2012. Nook division revenues were down 26% on the same quarter for 2012, with the slippage coming from sales of the e-reader devices themselves—digital content sales actually rose by 6.8%, but not enough to cover the dip in device sales.

CEO William Lynch is reported as saying his company remains "committed" to the Nook, and is actively trying to reduce costs in this division of the firm in order to make it more profitable. In January the company revealed it is planning to slowly reduce the number of high street stores it operates, but that this is a considered long-term move.

[Image: Flickr user buyalex]