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Amazon's Kindle Gets Exclusive Role In New PTA Family Reading Program

Amazon's got a new Kindle promotion vehicle, thanks to the National PTA, which wants to boost kids' reading with their families.

Amazon's Kindle is the exclusive sponsor of the new Family Reading Experience program that the National PTA wants to roll out across the U.S. to boost kids' reading thanks to family participation. Amazon points out, in its press release, that children's reading especially develops with family involvement between the ages of 7 and 11 years old, when they move on from picture books.

The idea is that the Kindle is a great means for kids to access a huge library of books instantly, to carry them wherever they go, and to benefit from digital niceties like being able to quickly look up a dictionary reference to a new word. This plugs into the Reading Experience program's goal of improving fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. The progam also encourages use of real books, but it's definitely a PR coup for Amazon, whose rival Apple has also been moving to increase its e-book educational appeal.

[Image: Flickr user Vimages]

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