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Where Are They Now?

Apple Expands Cloud iTunes For Films And TV Across Europe

Apple has added iTunes In the Cloud movie sharing to at least 11 European nations.

Apple Expands Cloud iTunes For Films And TV Across Europe

Apple's iCloud service for movies has been rolled out to 11 new nations in Europe, and French iCloud members can now also access TV shows through the cloud-based file sharing system. Until now it's been restricted to just a few countries. Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden are the new nations.

Like its cloud music sharing equivalent, iTunes in the cloud for video content means that Apple device users can download a movie on their Mac and also view it via Apple TV or their iDevices. It's slightly different to Apple's iTunes Match service, which allows iTunes users to listen to and download an equivalent high-res music file stored in Apple's servers for their own locally stored content, even if it was not a legitimately purchased file. Any expansion of iTunes and iCloud for TV and movie content is made difficult thanks to the complex copyright and legal ramifications in each nation, and such an aggressive push as this one by Apple may be another indication that it does indeed have serious plans in the TV business.

[Image: Flickr user xzjw]