With Entity Graph, Facebook Calls On Users To Improve Its Search

Coming soon after Search Graph, the social network continues hunting Google.

With Entity Graph, Facebook Calls On Users To Improve Its Search

The MIT Technology Review has an interview with the man heading the team behind the search feature that Facebook hopes will shake rival Google‘s searching supremacy. The Entity Graph will take Facebook users’ data and use it to create a comprehensive bank of knowledge that will boost the social network’s knowledge base and, so the thinking seems to go, make its Graph Search more attractive to users than Google’s search engine, with its Knowledge Graph, which uses data from the CIA, Freebase, and Wikipedia.

Project manager for team Entity, Mitu Singh, says: “We’re trying to map what the real world looks like onto Facebook so you can run really expressive and powerful queries.” To that end, it has taken a leaf out of Wikipedia‘s book and is urging its users to fill in the gaps on many pages, such as opening hours of museums and stores, to add to the reams and reams of data it has already collated from profile pages.

For those keeping graph score at home: Social Graph is all about the personal, about people, their relationships, their likes and dislikes; the Entity graph, meanwhile, is the practical side of the search, which deals with things, more so than people.

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