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Entrepreneurs to Congress: It's Time To Stamp Out Patent Trolls

Entrepreneurs including Mark Cuban and Alexis Ohanian asked legislators to stop patent trolls from stifling innovation.

On Wednesday, more than 60 innovators, investors and entrepreneurs asked Congress to help stamp out patent trolls, or non-practicing entities who target startups for lawsuits.

The group, which includes Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and well-known entrepreneur Mark Cuban, sent a letter to Congress arguing patent trolls are stifling innovation.
"Congress should consider measures that shift incentives away from those who game the system and toward an innovative economy and competitive market," it read.

"We have a shameful situation in this country, with patents and patent litigation hurting both competition and innovation," Cuban said in a statement. "That's bad for both consumers and small businesses. The time for Congress to act is now."

Do you think Congress should act to control patent trolls? How would you do it? Tell us in the comments.

[Image courtesy of flickr user Linus Nyström]

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