So Is This Crazy Trip To Mars Possible? spoke to experts about a private company’s plans to start flying people to Mars in 2018.

So Is This Crazy Trip To Mars Possible?

As Fast Company reported earlier, The Inspiration Mars Foundation said it has raised millions towards it goal of sending humans to the red planet starting January 2018.


But how possible is it? Experts spoke to’s Adam Mann for an article published today and pointed out the possible problems: The highly ambitious mission could face traditional space dangers including radiation, bone and muscle loss, fatigue, and depression.

The good news is that, overall, the mission still seems on its way to go according to the report. “The reason this entire thing is possible is because it’s actually a very simple mission,” Jane Poynter, president of the Paragon Space Development Corporation told Wired. “We’re not trying to land, we’re going to fly by and we’re using extant technologies that NASA and the space industry have been developing for years.”

What do you think? Will the mission go on as planned? Or will this just be an expensive disaster?

[Image courtesy of flickr user Jerome Cha]