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Do NFL Teams Ask Unlawful Questions Of Potential Players?

A Colorado tight end reported that he had been asked about his sexuality, marriage status in interviews with teams.

Do NFL Teams Ask Unlawful Questions Of Potential Players?

Like many college seniors looking for a job after college, potential NFL draft picks are often subjected to a series of questions in their interviews with teams about everything from how they solve problems to about any questionable marks on their resume. But with millions of dollars and the future of franchises possibly on the line (yes we recognize that's a bit dramatic), NFL team personnel often go deeper. Players are often asked about their families, their friendships, the questionable mark on their academic records and more. And most years, at least one player reports having a questionable and offensive question asked.

But this year, some teams may have crossed the line into highly lawsuit-worthy territory: One player reported that he was asked if he "liked girls". As reported by, Colorado tight end Nick Kasa told a local radio station that he had been questioned about his marriage status and sexual orientation—things that are illegal to ask. An NFL spokesman told the website that the league was looking into it (it's also not clear specifically which teams asked Kasa the question).

Employers, tell us in the comments: What do you do to make sure your questions don't go over the line?

[Photo by Flickr user Omar Phillips]