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Where Are They Now?

Facebook Now Helps Advertisers Target Soda-Drinkers, Car-Buyers

The social giant is partnering with companies that collect purchase data to help advertisers hyper-target their ads to specific audiences.

Facebook Now Helps Advertisers Target Soda-Drinkers, Car-Buyers

Facebook has partnered with purchase-data providers Datalogix, Epsilon, Acxiom, and BlueKai to provide its advertisers with better custom data about specific demographics, such as "car buyers" or "soda drinkers."

The new partnerships expand on Facebook's Custom Audiences tool, which it introduced last September to help marketers better serve relevant ads to their customers on Facebook.

Facebook is also creating "pre-defined targeting categories" by culling specific information about its users that will be useful to advertisers. The "soda drinker" demographic is an example of a specific target category.

By matching advertisers with relevant purchase data about people who are actually spending money on like products, Facebook is addressing one initial criticism of its new Graph Search tool's usefulness to advertisers and marketers—just because people "like" certain brands on Facebook doesn't necessarily mean they'll engage with (and buy) their products.

[Image: Flickr user Sean MacEntee]