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How Two Tech Companies Are Making Cheesecake Factory A Better Customer Experience

IBM and N2N Global are helping make sense of the restaurant's loads of data.

Thanks to the restaurant chain's new partnership with IBM and N2N Global, a Cheesecake Factory's customer's poor rating of a cheeseburger may be quickly heard around the world. As reported by NPR, N2N Global and IBM have developed tools for analyzing the loads of data the restaurant chain has compiled to hopefully find a way to make sense about customer experience and other potential problems (or solutions) from the chain's more than 100 restaurants around the globe.

As NPR pointed out, not only can analysis like this spot problems in things like the tastiness of a cheeseburger but also has the potential to stop public health problems. For example, if tainted meat has somehow entered the restaurant's supply stream, the software will hopefully be developed to be able to trace it back to where it came from and see where it was delivered.

While Cheesecake Factory may be the largest chain to implement the software yet, Fast Company wrote about IBM and N2N Global's partnership in 2011. You can read that article here.

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user Simon Greig

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