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Check Out The Secret Sauce Behind The Google Doodle

Google will give students a behind-the-scenes look at its Google Doodle team on Friday.

Check Out The Secret Sauce Behind The Google Doodle
[Image courtesy of flickr user WittyKitty 10378]

Artistically-inclined school students across the country should start sharpening their pencils because it's again time to design one of Google's ever-changing and always popular logo doodles.

Interested students can see what goes into making a successful Google Doodle on Friday when the tech giant provides a behind-the-scenes tour online in collaboration with Discovery Education. (Check it out here at 1pm ET/10am PT Friday.)

The tour will allow K-12 students to see how and where Google's team of illustrators and engineers create the company's logo doodles, and will also provide details on how to enter their annual "Doodle 4 Google" competition. Last year, Google received 114,000 submissions, with the winning doodle coming from a 7-year-old in Wisconsin.

Students who participate in what Google has termed a "virtual field trip" will also be able to submit their own doodle to the competition, and vote for their favorite Google doodlers in a live doodle-off.

[Photo by Flickr user WittyKitty]