House Appropriators Now Webcasting

House Appropriators will now webcast their meetings to improve transparency.

House Appropriators Now Webcasting

In an effort to provide a more transparent government, the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriatons committee will now join every other House committee and start webcasting their meetings as of this week.

Last year, Congressional leaders passed a House rule requiring webcasting “to the maximum extent practicable.”

Since then, all committees except the Appropriations committee have webcast the majority of their proceedings.

As Politico points out, the move will be especially welcomed by anyone interested in meetings that take place inside the Capitol building itself in room HT-2, a tiny room often too small to accomodate all interested members of the public who will now be able to watch proceedings from the comfort of their own homes via the web.

[Photo by Flickr user jaci XIII]


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