Google Donates $4.4 Million To Support Open Internet Access

The company is hoping to help increase internet access in sub Saharan Africa with its funding.

Google Donates $4.4 Million To Support Open Internet Access

Google’s charity arm,, announced on Monday it is giving $4.4 million to organizations to help support open internet around the world. According to the announcement, $3.1 million of the funds will go to the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) to help bring expertise, research and training for network engineers across Sub-Saharan Africa. The rest of the money will go to a Washington, D.C.-based Internet Society to support and create Internet Exchange Points in emerging markets.

The company has already created multiple programs in markets to help spread the internet to people without it around the world. And of course, Google exec Eric Schmidt took a trip to North Korea earlier this year to try to convince the insular country to open its not-so-world wide web.

[Photo by flickr user Aray Chen]


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